Tribute to Byze One

Tribute to Byze One

DJ Tetris and Shinehead teamed up to create this amazing tribute to Byze in a musical stylee.  Incorporating many of his favorite songs, DJ Tetris takes us on a musical trip down memory lane.  Shinehead adds the toasting flavor, reminiscing on the good times with Byze on the road and at home in the studio.


Byze One was a mentor to us and many others in the music business.  He was a friend, motivator, and provided us with tons of opportunities over the years.  He wanted to see everyone around him grow and be better versions of themself.

Our memories of the Soundation and Saturdaze events, along with many others will forever be in our hearts.  

He was one of the original supporters of the Hot Steppa idea, and was sold on the idea from the first moment we texted him a photo.  He was ready to invest before we even knew if the van would run.  Unfortunately he physically left us before we could get it on the road.  However we know he is always with us in spirit, and watching us from heaven.   We decided to put his name on our license plate as a reminder for his inspiration and friendship.



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